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  • Special Report: Surviving A Rip Current July 3, 2015
    On a windy day, the beach can become choppy and dangerous which can lead to rip currents. So how do you save yourself if youre caught in one and how do lifeguards pull off emergency rescues? Our Briana Whitney has more in this special report.
  • Lulu Continues To Recover From Heart Surgery July 3, 2015
    We have an update on a remarkable young girl, 6-year-old Lulu Ramirez. As we reported, earlier this week she underwent another very risky heart procedure. We are happy to report she is making improvement in her recovery. In a video message she thanked the community for their prayers. Lulus parents tell us she is doing […]
  • Fish Parts Wanted For Vital Research July 3, 2015
    Many of you may be hitting the open waters this holiday weekend to do some fishing, and if you are the folks at Texas AM Corpus Christi have an unusual request for you. They are hoping youll save the guts of the fish you catch. More specifically they are looking for the stomach, intestinal track, […]
  • Local Lawyers Gather to Read Declaration of Independence July 2, 2015
    Local lawyers gathered Thursday to read the Declaration of Independence outside the Nueces County Courthouse.

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